Our partners and sponsors 2019

2019 started with a high note receiving an award of being Para-Athlete of the year 2018 in Päijät-Häme Area. Unforgettable year 2019 was quite successful in both of my sports. With Maestoso Madam we made our debut at national championships in para-dressage. With Rannikon Kaisla we competed in para-dressage and dressage, regional and national level. Season ended us being regional champions with Rannikon Kaisla. In para-athletics shot put I won gold at the indoor championships and silver in the summer national championships. Without partners and sponsors this all would have been a distant dream!


Main partner Vetcare Finland Oy

Collaboration with main partner Vetcare Finland Oy has been the most important part of our success. Vetcare has been our main supporter for several years and during 2019 Vetcare made it possible competing and reaching for the stars. Equistro Flexadin is the product that brought us together and has been keeping Masu's joints in brilliant condition. Collaboration has given as the change to get the best products developed for horses to keep Masu in top condition.


K-Market Latokaski and K-Market Nöykkiö

K-Market Latokaski and K-Market Nöykkiö are making it possible to compete with Rannikon Kaisla owned by Kirsi Tiainen.

Photo: Kirsi Tiainen


HorseWell and T:mi Ismo Haapanen

Collaboration with HorseWell and Ismo Haapanen started in November 2019. HorseWell sells and loans Irradia Medical Lasers in Finland.


Equine Massage Therapist Laura Laakkonen

Equine Massage Therapist Laura Laakkonen helps us whenever we need her help. She helped to get Masu's muscles in premium condition before the National Championships.



Veljekset Wahlstén

Veljekset Wahlstén made sure we looked presentable at the National Championships. Our split reins are manufactured by Veljekset Wahlstén.



Lions Club Kärkölä, Challenged Athletes Foundation and Urheiluopistosäätiö

We received grants from Lions Club Kärkölä, Challenged Athletes Foundation CAF and Urheiluopistosäätiö. Grants helped us make the impossible possible!